Mar 12, 2020

Marissa & Jeff | Engagement Session

One of the things I love most about engagement sessions is being able to spend some TIME with my couples. Marissa and Jeff were so much fun to get to know. We met at Moon Park on a Sunday in February and with my lucky weather streak continued, scored another 50 degree weather day. But. . .boy oh boy was there some WIND! Marissa, as you can see, has this gorgeous long blonde hair that either looked romantically windswept. . .or like the poor girl was going to get taken away with the wind! We had so many laughs trying to find just the right spots with the right light, right setting AND that we weren’t getting blow away.

The laid-back and relaxed vibe that Marissa and Jeff both had made this session SUCH a joy. Marissa was SO sweet, Jeff made me laugh a million times and they are both so kind. Their love is real and deep not over the top, just laidback and present. . .just like them. They were such good sports about changing back and forth from their amazing outfit choices so that I could chase that gorgeous golden light while we were on the baseball field. Marissa and Jeff met through softball and it has continued to be one of their favorite ways to spend time together. I LOVED their choice of location. A sweet little park with some amazing fields, beautiful trails and one guy that just kept getting in the background of our photos because he HAD to fish behind us! haha!

In all seriousness, Marissa and Jeff are going to be one AMAZING husband and wife and I cannot wait for their wedding in September! If their friends and family are anything like them, which I suspect they are, this is going to be such a FUN and lighthearted wedding with love as the main focus. Marissa and Jeff. . .can’t we just fast-forward time?!? I’m so ready!




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