Mar 13, 2020

Kaileigh & Davis | Engagement Session

I fell in love with these two the MINUTE we were in our bridal consultation. We hung up from FaceTime and when my sister asked me how it went I told her “I am crossing all my fingers and praying that these two say yes to me!”. You see, when couples sign on with me. . .basically, in my head, I am proposing to them and hoping they say YES! I know, I need to get out more. . .

When Davis reached out to me and said that he and Kaileigh are interested in taking my on as their photographer I did a little happy dance and then continued like a professional (kinda). You see, Kaileigh and Davis are just the sweetest couple ever and I am SO honored that chose me!

Kaileigh and Davis chose McConnells Mill State Park for their engagement session. Yes, this park is gorgeous no matter where you are in it but this park has played a very special role in their relationship. Not only do they love hiking and sinking further in to nature here. . .but this is where they were engaged! I was so excited to come back to McConnells Mill after being here with Julianna and John and now I had to opportunity to enjoy this incredibly beautiful park with a new love for it with Kaileigh and Davis.

You know how you see those memes. . .”I want someone to look at me the way **whatever** looks at **whatever**”? Davis and Kaileigh are meme worthy!! As I edited their session and still when I scroll through it. . .just LOOK at how he looks at her! It makes my heart melt! They share such pure, simple sweet love and it is a joy to see.

These two sweethearts are tying the knot in October and I’ll tell you what. . .this wedding just might make me have to fight the water works! Waterproof mascara? Check!



  1. Deb Bailey says:

    Congratulations to you both. You are a beautiful couple and I wish many more years of happiness to both of you. The photographer did a great job.


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