Jun 20, 2020

Jodee & Craig | Engagement Session

I met Jodee and Craig RIGHT as COVID-19 was ramping up in Pennsylvania. We were still able to meet in person before the stay-at-home order kicked in. Between the time we booked together their engagement session it felt like a lifetime to me. I was SO excited to see both of them and have some fun!

Undeniably this pair is gorgeous! Jodee is such cute little firecracker and Craig is so silly and kept us laughing the whole time. We met at McConnells Mill State Park, which you know is one of my favorite locations, and we buckled up for a busy day at the park. The weather was absolutely beautiful and not a cloud in the sky. We did enjoy some time down at the mill and covered bridge. But I really fell in love with this wide open field where we literally chased the light as the sun set.

Jodee and Craig are full of life and energy that is contagious and so refreshing to be around. I almost wanted to crash the get together with their bridal party that evening just to spend more time with them but I decided to not get that crazy. Plus I was SO excited to get home and get these stunning images on my computer.

This sweet couple is getting hitched in June of 2021 and I cannot wait to be a part of their wedding day! I am continually amazed how lucky I am to have the BEST couples ever! Jodee and Craig. . .can we have a fire and a beer somewhere in the middle so I don’t miss you guys too much?!



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