Jun 24, 2020

Dana + Josh | Engagement Session

I never would have guessed that with the crazy spike in heat earlier that week that I would end up with such a beautiful day for my session with Dana and Josh! The temperature tipped just over 70° and there was a gorgeous breeze. All of this running in our favor made me even more excited to meet and hug Dana and Josh.

Even though we had an incredible day for a session, it didn’t come without its own set of challenges. The biggest being that any time we stepped off gravel on to grass crazy amounts of gnats just came in full force. I have done several sessions at this very location and never experienced this annoying hiccup. Dana and Josh were troopers! Every time we found an amazing spot and the gnats came for us they were in full “model mode” and laughed it off while we got some incredible images!

I felt so lucky during this session to get to know Dana and Josh. Watching them interact with each other was so sweet! I witnessed laughter, smiles and a closeness that so many people search for in their other half and few find what they share. By the way, Dana has an amazing laugh! When she laughs, her smile lights her eyes up and you just have to smile with her so you don’t miss out on the fun.

With Dana being in the health care field and Josh being a truck driver. . .these two have not stopped while the rest of the world seemed to during the quarantine. It was so amazing to get to know more about how they have been doing this amazing balancing act of working, living and planning a killer wedding. We all know planning a wedding is basically another full time job.

Dana and Josh are getting married this September at the Mayernick Center. From what I have heard of their plans so far, this is going to be gorgeous! I cannot wait!




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