Aug 18, 2020

Zuro Wedding | Leah + Michael

I knew from Leah and Mike’s engagement session that their wedding was going to be a blast. . .but I was not prepared to leave the day feeling like a part of the family with sore cheeks from smiling and laughing so much.

Leah and Mike said “I do” during a gorgeous traditional catholic ceremony on August 15, 2020. When the day began, rain threatened to wash out all the fun but arriving to where the girls were getting ready, Leah didn’t even look concerned in the slightest! Her calm presence resonated through out the space so the only things filling it were music, smiles, champagne and yes. . . hairspray. From the moment I walked in the door all the bridesmaids and mamas were ready to help in any way they could. Hair and makeup was being done and after I snapped a few shots of the girls, Craig (my hubs!) and I ran over to where the guys were getting ready.

As I walked in to the door of their new home, I spotted a canvas from their engagement session front and center on the wall. Guys, my heart literally burst and I almost starting crying. . .in front of the guys! I pulled it together and rounded the corner to see Mike, the dads and few guys hanging out and drying out the contents of Mike’s father’s pockets. . .Yes, you read that right. Remember when I was feeling crazy about falling in the water during their engagement session. . .well, when the guys were setting up the reception site earlier that day, Frank fell in. But nothing was going to dampen (pun intended) anyone’s spirits.

The more time I spent with Leah and Mike’s closest friends and family the more I came to understand just how beautiful their story was. Leah and Mike were high school sweethearts that strayed from each other and the universe just plopped the RIGHT back in each other’s paths. These two, were meant to be in the truest sense. After tying the knot at church we zoomed down to the reception at Leah and Mike’s home away from home, Carosel Marina. The rain had held off, the speeches from the maid of honor and best man made everyone laugh and cry. The first dance between husband and wife was interrupted in the cutest way with Leah’s son, Macsen, joining in. And after everyone dried their eyes from watching Leah and her father and Mike and his mother share beautiful moments together, this crowd ate and started dancing. It was a TRUE celebration of togetherness, love and the things that matter most in life.

I feel so blessed to have been able to be a part of Leah and Mike’s wedding day with Craig. I am looking forward to watching their incredible journey together, continue. Enjoy this beautifully fun day!!




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