Sep 3, 2020

Britney & Todd | Engagement

Sunshine, gorgeous views AND ice cream?!? Uhhh. . .yes, please! This is the kind of engagement session that I got to have with Britney and Todd. It was a hot and beautifully sunny day in July when I got to meet up with this fun couple. We met at one of the overlooks on Mount Washington in Pittsburgh and the moment we met up I KNEW this was going to be a fun session. Britney is funny, charming and absolutely stunning and Todd is kind, humble and incredibly sweet. These two together are a match made in the sweetest part of heaven.

We walked up and down the streets looking for some amazing places to capture their love for one another and it was so memorable. There were many moments where we all stopped to just look out over the city of Pittsburgh and in the midst of all the insanity in 2020, just soaked up the beauty and love that we have in our lives. But. . .as I said before. . .IT WAS HOT. So, we decided to mosey over to DiFiore’s Ice Cream shop. While cooling off in the shade and enjoying so delicious treats, we snapped a few images to show the absolute fun side of Britney and Todd.

When we were posing or snapping pics we talked about the beautiful family that Britney and Todd have. We chatted about our crazy kiddos and how some days we don’t know how we make it but couldn’t imagine our lives without those incredible tiny humans. Hearing so much about their kids made me even more excited to join in the celebration of their wedding day. Britney and Todd are so loving, warm and hardworking. I am magnificently honored that they chose to spend their path to planning their wedding with me.

Enjoy Britney and Todd’s engagement photos and I DARE you to not catch those contagious smiles of theirs!



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