Sep 18, 2020

Hurt Wedding | Britney + Todd

Energy, love, laughter, tears and a whole lot of fun is what Britney and Todd’s wedding day was filled with. On September 4, Britney and Todd had a gorgeous day, much like their engagement session, for their ceremony and reception at the Renziehausen Park in Mckeesport.

The morning started off with a casual game of rock, paper scissors with their adorable son Lamar and I am embarrassed to share that beat me. . .like a lot! As the boys left to go get ready at their location, Britney’s hysterically funny and warm bridesmaids and friends started arriving to prepare for the big day. There was so much chatter and excitement buzzing throughout the house as we got closer and closer to the ceremony.

Just a few blocks up from where the girls were, the groom and his guys were hanging out and the boys were knee deep in video games. As they buttoned their vests and slipped on their jackets it was finally time to head to the park to get married!

After a few hiccups and technical difficulties, the ceremony began. In the gorgeous garden, Britney walked to meet her soon-to-be husband, Todd,  passing smiling family and friends. Britney looked show stopping-ly stunning in her dress with delicate gold detail and a pop of red on the belt. When her step-son, Todd Jr, saw her he was moved to tears about what this day meant for their family to finally come together before God. The ceremony was short and sweet and the long awaited “I Do’s” were turned in to a huge cheer for Mr & Mrs Todd Hurt!

It was finally time to celebrate and party. . .and boy did this crowd know how to do just that! There was so much dancing and hugging, and don’t forget eating and drinking. The food was amazing home-cooked comfort food that I could have eaten 10 helpings of! As always, I felt so blessed to have been a part such an incredible display of love and warmth. To witness such abundant love and to know the people who share is an honor. Congratulations, Britney and Todd! The wait is over!




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