Oct 25, 2020

Booher Wedding | Marissa + Jeff

I’m not sure how common it is for your photographer to cry at your wedding. . .but it happened to me multiple times at the Booher wedding. I arrived early to the suite where the girls were getting ready and it was such a calm, cool and collected vibe! And. . .it was pretty quiet. . .

I’m so used to walking in to a bridal suite with hairspray flying, mimosas being poured, loud chatter and a definite hint of panic in the air. Marissa’s girls were still chatting, laughing and spraying hairspray but everyone was just so relaxed.It was easy to see why the day was going to smoothly. Marissa was confident and laid back as she joked with all her loved ones.

The guys on the other hand. . . haha! No panic, but it was a little more rowdy in their suite. Lots of jokes and drinks being passed around, these guys were a hilarious handful! Crazy stories of parties past were being tossed around and it was impossible to be near them without laughing hysterically. Jeff, more lovingly known as Booher to his boys, was surrounded by a bunch of men who I knew made an unspoken promise to keep the day fun!

After everyone was dressed and ready we moved to Clever Park where the ceremony and reception were taking place. This couples family and friends put in some serious work transforming a park pavilion in to a gorgeous space to celebrate their love. As the time drew closer for Booher to see his bride, their sweet pup, Zeggy, stole the show coming down the aisle with his handsome little suit on!

Marissa made her show-stopping entrance and walked toward her future husband. Marissa’s brother officiated the ceremony so eloquently. An acoustic guitar and vocalist played during their unity ceremony of braiding the ropes. Watching the two patiently and carefully pass the cords back and forth to each other to form a strong bond is where I started to lose it.

Marissa and Jeff’s love for each other runs so deeply. No nerves, anxiousness or pandemic could shake the bond that these two share. They found each other through a sport they love, and are the truest teammates I have ever seen. The gratitude that they show toward each other and everyone else they care for is palpable and so rare.

After a day filled with feeling like a part of the crew, I stopped to congratulate the new Mr. and Mrs. Booher one last time, say thank you and good night. We hugged, I climbed in to the car after a 12 hour day and had so much gratitude on my heart I began to cry. . .the happiest most thankful tears since starting my business. THIS is what I dreamt of doing. Serving a couple like Marissa and Jeff was, and is, the best gift. The attitude that Mr. and Mrs. Booher have toward their approach to life is contagious and anyone who crosses paths with them, is better for it.

CONGRATULATIONS Mr & Mrs Jeff Booher! and thank you one more time!

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