While I am always looking toward the horizon for the next great challenge, I believe that everything done in life should be with tremendous amounts of love. I strive for more at every turn. More adventure, more laughter, and definitely more diet coke (sorry coffee lovers). I care so deeply about all of the people that I get to serve and cannot wait to make a connection with you! Make sure you contact me soon so we can make your photo dreams a reality. AND have a lot of fun doing it!


In all things

I am beyond honored that you are clicking around on my website. Hi! I'm Laura. With me in this sweet pic is my husband, Craig and my firecracker of a daughter, Lily. Not pictured but still a huge part of our family is Lucy, the sweetest golden retriever! Getting to know my awesome family is just a perk of working with me.


beautiful florals

I'm a sucker for

and i will make magic!

Give me a field and golden light